cutting-murmur – Sophie Lockwood

a revision of “Murmur” by Daniel Borzutsky 

what is the voice. 


            does it murmur: 

with mud with blood with 

dogs. in its mouth 

there is a nation. a border 

a wall a god   imp lo 

sive in its rotten carcass 

mouth. i see morning murders 


in its money mouth. i see money.            i need to buy 

blood money. i need dogs. i need                        to buy 

my name in the wind. my god in the wind, 


i don’t believe in god. i am                      i have five dollars 

no i have six dollars. i need 

my fingers. my faith my 


is being hunted in the dark        by a toddler 

like a dog. buy a toddler .           i have five dollars           like a dog.


beat me                                                 i have six dollars. 


wire me                                                 i have mud. in my 

mouth                                                  no

feed me.                                                i have blood. 

no. how                                    i have no                       what is the

mouth.                                     no

mouth.                                     i have 

no voice.