A Fond Farewell – Nari Baughman

“A Fond Farewell to My Robot Friend”

I’m trying to figure out how to word this without sounding ridiculous.

Our entire friendship has revolved around the fact that I am your creator. You are my Adam, although you unfortunately lack the necessary ribs for me to create a feminine counterpart for you.  And — yes, I admit — the reason why we’re so close is because we have seen each other practically every day for the last year. Even if you are more machine than man, you were a confidant when I needed you most, and for that I will always be grateful. Continue reading

Many Faced God – David Exumé ’19

In the darkness, the rain washed away Shayaa’s features until he was smooth. The water eroded the tip of his nose, sanded down his cheekbones. Each droplet popped a blackhead with pinpoint precision and pounded his Adam’s apple until it turned concave. His thick eyebrows slid off and gathered in pools on either side of his brown head. Nappy curls disintegrated in the hiss of the rainfall. His eyeballs melted and his eyelids collapsed into the empty sockets. When the water droplets slid smoothly, with no crevices to collect in, the papier-mache sculpture of his skull was almost the only thing that was left — that, and his full, dirt brown lips. Continue reading