Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You forgot to capitalize the f!

A: The f in figments is always lowercase! It’s a long story.

Q: What does figments consider speculative fiction?

A: Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, magical realism, folktales, dystopian fiction, myths- anything that’s a little out of this world! We aren’t interested in trying to draw strict boundaries around what is and isn’t speculative. If you are deciding whether your piece would be a good fit for our magazine, check out some of our past issues to get a feel for what kinds of speculative fiction we publish! A good rule of thumb is that if your piece is incompatible with a realistic reading (i.e. cannot be read as taking place in our world), it’s definitely speculative.

Q: Who can come to figments events? Who can submit to figments?

A: Anyone (Princeton residents, faculty, graduate students, people who just like speculative fiction) can come to figments events! We like to hold watch parties, trivia nights, writing workshops, and launch parties throughout the year, and figure the more the merrier. Any Princeton University affiliate (including graduate students, faculty, and alumni) can submit their work to figments. In order to be a member of the figments Board, you must be a Princeton University undergraduate.

Q: How can I get involved with figments as a club?

A: If you want to get notifications about figments events, sign up for our listserv figmentsmagazine! If you need help or you don’t have a Princeton University account, email to be added. If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student who wants to join figments as an editor or Board member, email the Editor-in-Chief and look out for elections information on your residental college listserv!