How to Submit

All Princeton University current and alumni undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit to figments Magazine, Princeton’s premier speculative fiction publication!


We publish several print issues a year. We’re looking for imaginative, high-quality storytelling and/or analysis in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres… basically, anything not quite of this world.

We are always open for general submissions, though we usually provide submissions deadlines for specific issues.

Send original fiction, poetry, artwork, comics/graphic narratives, translations*, genre-related essays/articles, and pretty much all other creative content to:

Questions about magazine submissions or joining the figments staff can be sent to

*All translated material must be out of copyright in its original language(s) (in its country of origin AND the United States).


Is there something going on in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or speculative fiction which you think people should know about? Submit a post about it!


If you’ve been to a local event, book signing, met an author, or taken part in any kind of online community or competition that you think that the figments community should know about, submit an article!

You can use your discretion as to length (e.g. an article about meeting an author would be longer than a notification about an online competition) but please limit yourself to 500 words at most.

Please accompany your article with at least one image or video related to what you’re writing about. See the section in this article about an easy way to source images!

Send to


Have you read a book or a graphic novel, seen a film, or listened to a podcast recently which you have *thoughts* about? Write a review for figments!

Length should be around 300-500 words and include a rating out of 5 (5 being the best, 1 being the worst), as well as warnings for content as you see fit. Please accompany your review with at least one image or video (e.g. a trailer) related to what you’re writing about. See the section in this article about an easy way to source images!

Send to

Sourcing Images

Please send three things: name of the creator, name of the media, and a link to find it. For example, “Ben Rea; Mountains: Bridge and Rainbow Mountains at Red Rock Canyon;”

Please check the licensing for photographs! An easy way to get photos which can be published is to go to and search using whatever key terms you want, only instead of using the filter “Any licence”, filter for “All creative commons”.