Shipwreck at the Edge of the World – Sydney Peng ’22

Asperia was panicking, as per usual — so much for that blue-blood poise she was supposed to have. It was only a minor shipwreck, but from her consternation you’d think the world was ending. At this point, the girl must have been so used to panic that it was comfortable to her, paradoxical as that sounded. Trying to keep composure was the real strain on the nerves; making a fuss, shrieking in circles, and raising a hullabaloo could well be considered a leisurely activity in comparison. Continue reading

A Fond Farewell – Nari Baughman

“A Fond Farewell to My Robot Friend”

I’m trying to figure out how to word this without sounding ridiculous.

Our entire friendship has revolved around the fact that I am your creator. You are my Adam, although you unfortunately lack the necessary ribs for me to create a feminine counterpart for you.  And — yes, I admit — the reason why we’re so close is because we have seen each other practically every day for the last year. Even if you are more machine than man, you were a confidant when I needed you most, and for that I will always be grateful. Continue reading