figments is Princeton University’s premier publication for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction. We aim to harness the imaginations of Princeton students and alumni, and provide a space to publish the most outlandish and wonderful stories that they can produce. We believe that speculative and genre fiction as literary forms are powerful, and we work to develop their presence on Princeton’s campus.

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Indigo — Ayame Whitfield

Gorge — Paige Allen

Nuclear Winter — Janie Kim

Matko — Danielle Ranucci

Call in the Wild — Rachel Qing Pang

Baba Yaga — Ellie Makar-Limanov

Sanctuary — Paige Allen

Scior — Mel Hornyak

The Hunt — Cassandra James

High Hopes — Jordan Stallworth

The Lighthouse Keeper — Ayame Whitfield