The Lamb’s Last Lullaby- Jonathan Alicea ’20

There’s something in your closet.
There’s something underneath.
Don’t search for it I beg you,
Or sharp you’ll find its teeth

But if you choose to lie there,
If fear keeps you in bed,
Then know that it won’t leave you.
Its silence you will dread.

And when the lights are turned on,
This creature disappears.
But don’t become so sure yet:
Your heartbeat it still hears.

Stay on your guard at all times,
Don’t fall into grave sin.
For those who tread near darkness,
Invite the Devil in.

If in the night your heart stops,
Your breath ceases to be,
Then say your prayers quickly,
Or face the demon’s glee.

There’s something in your closet,
An entity from hell.
It feeds on fear and vices,
So bid your life farewell.
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