impossible views — Ayame Whitfield

i cut myself loose from gravity, spend
a homesick light year crying about the
view out the window. so much empty,
and only my body to fill it.

pick a star i’ve already outlived, watch
how it blooms. ask where its grief lives
and if anything has grown from it yet.
i wish there was nothing inside me
but heat that consumes itself. i could
orbit my own breath, fevered and
improbable. wherever i go, the stars
already know me. they echo back
a hundred-year chorus of radio static.

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Winter Pond — Isabella Chung

Snowflakes gracefully hit the ground
Crushed conifer cones lay scattered 
Smoke drifts away from warm bodies 
One man grabs his metallic circular shades 
Reflection of thoughts trapped in two frames
Lowering them, he sighs
Zebra patterned pants that smell of cup ramen
He hides behind the window
His reflection hidden
Growling sounds pierce the ears of others
Blood trickles down his throat
Staring into a wavering reflection of shape and body
Koi fish move in peaceful motions
Their tails glide swiftly against each other
Raising his pants right above his coarse ankles
He steps into a clear marble pond
Garnet droplets pour down his mouth
A white tail innocently plays victim
Recovering from the stains 
The tails peel off
Letting go of his safety, he lets his pants soak to feel the cold
He pauses.

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Magnolia – Katie Bushman

what’s missing isn’t mystery
but history, hysteria
wisteria and spanish moss
how vast a loss, to lose a lass!
at last the glass is cracked in two
but who could rue so true a love?
a mourning dove, a damask rose
who chose to mourn a ruined bloom
a wilted lily, lilting light
who longs to leave a stifled life
to toss aside all pleasantry
and presently, so elegant
she moves to cross a crowded room
the empty tomb looms, palpable
and pallor passes through the gloom
the groom awaits a blossom bride
a magnolia magnified
all swathed in swan-white, stiff chiffon

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