To Mother, a tragedy- Nicolette d’Angelo ’19

(The doors of the house open, to show Orestes standing over the bodies of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, while attendants display the net-like garment in which Clytemnestra had entangled Agamemnon and which she herself displayed after his murder.)

— Aeschylus’s Agamemnon, trans. Richard Lattimore


You, who told me Fortune’s thunderbolts
always tapered the highest house
first: to You I sent

my fat libations but
thin, too tangled was the robe:
blood, the most fatal tag
still attached.

(If You wished for the accident, was
it still one?)

Off-stage You
wrapped Father like a pharaoh, and away
You were won by technicalities, tempting
viper’s teeth. While our seed blooms into blood corrections

just once,
sing, sing me
help me forget revenge, that horrible heirloom.
Let a marriage bed –
white and well-loved –
win out in the end.


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