Welcome to My Graveyard – Jessica Wang

Welcome to my graveyard

Please, take a seat

I’ll give you the ghastly tour 

From hair to twitching feet.

Here I lay in the Witch’s chair 

When they told me my body was wrong

They poked and pinched and prod me apart

And shredded up my gums.

Holding up the bloody saw 

They said I needed work

“Just months,” they claimed

So I signed the scroll

By the eye of the skeletal clerk.

Here they screwed fourteen metal hooks

Into fourteen of my permanent teeth

“Poor child,” they said with

Laughing eyes, and I prayed

They’d come off in my sleep.

And here at the sink

You’ll find the remains

Of my pride and naïveté

Here I hacked up clots

Of blood and spit, and sneering,

They looked away.

They stretched my lips

Cursed my tongue

Left me wizened and dry

Said I had spaces between my teeth

Unseen to the naked eye.

Here with others, here I lie

We sold our souls for a smile

A couple of corpses

For a business of bones

It was here we died.