Issue 11: Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

I feel incredibly fortunate to have produced this issue of figments, as creative outlets are more important than ever to maintain positive mental health. I’m grateful for our authors and editors who pushed through the fatigue of Zoom University to bring the magazine to its print form.

The theme of this issue is “stasis,” which seems appropriate today as we all hope for the end of our lockdown stagnancy. The characters in this issue experience stasis in their interpersonal relationships — whether it be a parent-child dynamic, romantic partners, or two people stewing in the past even as they (literally) rocket towards the afterlife. These characters must find ways to break the static tension created by fraught nuclear families and dyads, sometimes leading to a climactic fracture and other times towards emotional resignation. 

I have heard many testimonies of people finding new ways to connect with one another in the pandemic. Though we don’t always want to acknowledge it, optimism is something that takes sustained, hard work. I hope this issue provides you with more than escapism; instead, I believe art is a beautiful way to remind ourselves to approach our situation with humanity and empathy. 

Best wishes,

Emily Weiss ‘22