Issue 10: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

After the online-only issue released during the chaotic spring semester of 2020, we are excited to be returning to print! Despite the ongoing challenges on (or off) campus and in the world, it was gratifying to see so many students excited to share their work with us. We could not have created this issue without the engagement and commitment of our editors and authors, and we hope you enjoy the product of their dedicated efforts.

The theme this semester is “metamorphosis,” a word that conjures thoughts of change. It is a timely descriptor not only for the broad moment but for figments itself, as I and other seniors make way for a largely new editorial board who we are certain will continue to lead with joy.

Metamorphosis, of course, also touches many of the characters in this issue, whether they undergo literal transformations or quieter reflections and negotiations of identity. Find here also pieces that evoke the language of fairytales and myths, hypothesized futures engaging with religion and science, encounters with terrifying creatures and ancient witches, and one or two twist endings.

We hope these stories provoke conversation or, at the very least, allow you a brief escape into a speculative world where anything, it seems, is possible.


Marina Cooper ’21