Figments Issue #2 Submissions

Perhaps you didn’t know about us. Maybe you just never found time. Regardless, you now have the chance to redeem yourself!

We’re currently taking submissions for our second issue, with a deadline of November 10th. We will take short stories, poetry, non-fiction essays/articles, comics/graphic novels, and cover art/illustrations.

Our editing process will allow you to get personal feedback on your piece and a chance to fine-tune it before publication so make sure to submit before the deadline for a chance to get one of our editors to spend some time focused upon you and your writing.

So submit your original work in a Word doc (visual pieces may be in pdf) titled with “LastName_Title_Wordcount” to before or on November 10th

Also, if you’re interested in joining the magazine in a publication/editorial capacity, please contact Takim Williams ( and Brigid Ehrmantraut (

Figments poster submissions issue #2