Dear Readers… Issue 2 Editor’s Note- Takim Williams

Dear Readers,

This semester I’ve seen something that warms my heart: I’ve seen a student body with their eyes on the future. I’ve seen this in The Human Side of Robots in Film series that screened movies like Her and Ex Machina in the Wilcox Blackbox. I’ve seen this in the newly formed Princeton Futurist Society, which is gearing up to discuss AI, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and all the other tech trends that are bringing the Singularity hurtling toward us.

I’ve seen this in Professor Ruha Benjamin’s sociology seminar, Continue reading

Dear Readers… Issue 1 Editor’s Note- Takim Williams

Dear Readers,

It’s a good time for speculative fiction in America. We’ve come a long way since the trashy dime novels and pulp magazines of the early 20th century, when sci-fi was the sole province of nerdy adolescent boys, and the guilty pleasure of the men they would become.

It is still the province of nerdy adolescent boys, but there is less guilt attached to the pleasure of adult fans in a world where Fahrenheit 451 is taught as literature in school, where Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time, where dragons and space ships alike take their place on the big screen or the bookstore windows day in and day out.

The “genres,” as we like to call the trifecta of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Continue reading

Mother Earth, Motherboard- Takim Williams ’16

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke


The blue-eyed boy follows the stainless-steel road into the concrete jungle, and dust billows up behind his bare feet as if the steel is fine sand.
Above, silicon panels extend from concrete columns like a canopy of broad tropical leaves, absorbing sunlight to power this ecosystem, and dappling the forest floor with shadow.
Men who are also cats prowl the tangled floral architecture on either side of the road, peering with slitted pupils through cement structures.
“Are you my mother?”
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