Reality Check- Lulu Chen ’17

Yesterday I waited at the bus stop for six whole minutes. Remembering what Mrs. O’Leary had said, I scratched an X on the back of my left hand with a thick and slightly dry red marker. It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella.

Tonight I am running towards a humbled half-off bookstore. In the distance there are joyous screams of children. I forget to look both ways and avoid a close encounter with a cement truck that brakes for me. My eyes are fixed on this bookstore’s proud and sturdy Corinthian columns, which are wonderful for snaking through. My legs refuse the soreness of running, for an even-keeled urgency thrusts them in a mission so classified, even I know nothing of it. It is better this way. Before I collapse from exhaustion, I glance at the back of my hand, and the red X is gone.
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The Clockworker’s Son- Lulu Chen ’17

“And now for the final ingredient… Time!” the jolly clockworker announced to his son, as he sprinkled the watch with a generous helping of the fine green powder. Nicholas watched, enthralled as the hands sprang to life to a steady heartbeat of ticks and tocks.

“Wow, what is that?”

“Time, my son, is what a clock measures. And the clock is an apparatus that measures time!” the clockworker exclaimed profoundly.

Nicholas scratched his head.

“Now son, we are out of time for today but I’ll make some for you tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow, we can make time together. Now, won’t that be fun!”

And the clockworker began to close shop as the last rays of sun melted over the horizon.
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